The Numbers We Are All Judged By

Zero and 0%.  The number and percentage of foster children who completed the A-G requirements in OUSD last year.

13.6% suspension rate, the highest of any tracked subgroup.

22.7% the rate of chronic absenteeism

33% cohort graduation, the lowest

These are our children.  They are often technically wards of the State.  They have been burdened by an accident of birth and continued neglect at best, and we need to do better.

Below you can see the OUSD foster youth data from their LCAP.  And over time this blog will increasingly cover the plight of these vulnerable children and look at real solutions and supports for them.  And while we often try to keep things light and funny.  There is not much to say here, except we need to do better.  WE need to do better.

There is no cavalry coming for these children or it would have already arrived.  There is only us, the existing support organizations, the chronic underfunding, and the gaping needs.  So we need to get smarter, better aligned, and listen to the needs of these kids.  I hope that we can drive change, the numbers and the human souls behind them are screaming for it.

OUSD LCAP Engagement - Foster Youth

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