Schools You Still Might Get Into, and the Latest Advice from Oakland Enrolls

Even though the first round of school offers has been sent, there are many schools doing a great job with open seats, surprisingly many.  So if you are still looking, please take a look at this recent Q and A from Oakland Enrolls, and you can see the schools with empty seats in Schoolfinder.

Many of the schools featured in our blogs looking at the data have open seats, you can find the blogs themselves on my site, and links to other subgroups within the blog linked above.  To name a few schools that are making progress with our children, and this is not exclusive, check out Fruitvale Elementary, Madison park Primary, Achieve, Community School for Creative Education, TCN, BayTech, Envision, and Amethod, they all had some open seats at the beginning of the week.

The Oakland Enrolls team recently shared details about the process for submitting a Late Application for the 2020-2021 school year and how to determine which seats are still open at Oakland public schools. Check out the video to find out how you can submit an application to Oakland public schools (district and charter), which schools still have space available, and what to expect throughout the process. As always, Oakland Enrolls is here to help you with all of your enrollment questions. Feel free to call or text them if you have any questions: (510) 454-9360.

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