Labor Update: Working to reach an agreement, OUSD Press Release

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 Connecting with Kyla February 21, 2021Kyla
Dear Oakland Community,

I am writing to share a brief update about our ongoing labor negotiations. As we have since last March, we are exploring every way to meet the needs of District students, families, and staff in alignment with public health guidance.

We have been negotiating in good faith with the Oakland Education Association (OEA) for months in the hopes of reaching a new MOU about the impacts and effects of returning to in-person learning. From the beginning of these negotiations, the District’s negotiating team has had full authority to reach an agreement.

For those interested in more detail, the District’s last proposal can be found here (dated: February 8, 2021) and OEA’s last proposal can be found here (dated: January 28, 2021). You can review all of the District’s proposals and OEA’s proposals here.

We stand ready to work with all of our labor partners. We appreciate the time and effort that all of our labor partners have taken to establish agreements that allow us to serve our students and community while protecting staff members.

As I mentioned early this week, it is during trying times like this that it is easy to become frustrated and divided. I implore all members of our community to stay united around our common values and goals. Based on those common values and goals, I sincerely believe that we can reach an agreement that is good for students, families, and staff.
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