Elementary Schools that Showed Progress with English Language Learner Children

Where you send your child to school is one of the most important decisions you can make. The “on time” application closes on Feb. 10 for OUSD schools (it closed Feb. 3 for charter schools on Oakland Enrolls, the late application period starts today).

We want to highlight some of the schools making progress with Oakland children, and encourage families to visit. Every child is different, and we will break it down by student groups (schools showing progress with Black, Latinx  and English Language Learner students) and highlight schools that have open seats for next school year (we publish this weekly). You can also take a look at the Oakland Enrolls and OUSD school finder tools to find local schools.

But before we get to all the public schools with the highest performance in math and English Language Arts (ELA) for Latinx elementary school students, here is a warning. These numbers may be imperfect. The numbers don’t reflect if more high needs students came into a school, and no number can capture a school, or the variation within it.  So please take these lists as starting points and do your homework. Dirk wrote about the perils of using tests exclusively to judge schools

Some elementary schools that showed the highest performance in ELA for English Language Learner elementary students were AIMS College Prep Elementary; Downtown Charter Academy; Lincoln Elementary; Sequoia Elementary; and in math, the highest performing schools were AIMS College Prep Elementary; Cleveland Elementary; Crocker Highlands Elementary; Lincoln Elementary; Thornhill; Yu Ming Charter.

Digging into the Data

The data source we’re using for this is the California State Dashboard, which includes information from both district and charter schools. The California School Dashboard contains reports on measures of school progress for every school in the state. A school receives one of five status levels (from very low to very high) across six state measures used to compare schools across the state: Academic Performance (ELA and math), Chronic Absenteeism, College/Career Readiness, English Learner Progress, High School Graduation Rate and Suspension Rate. You can learn more about the Dashboard here. The results analyzed here are for English Language Learner elementary school students.

2022 CA School Dashboard English Language Arts Performance: English Language Learner Elementary Students

School NameSchool TypeStudent GroupStatus Level
AIMS College Prep ElementaryCharterELLMedium
Downtown Charter AcademyCharterELLMedium
Lincoln ElementaryDistrictELLHigh
Sequoia ElementaryDistrictELLMedium

2022 CA School Dashboard Math Performance: English Language Learner Elementary Students

School NameSchool TypeStudent GroupStatus Level
AIMS College Prep ElementaryCharterELLMedium
Bella Vista ElementaryDistrictELLMedium
Chabot ElementaryDistrictELLMedium
Cleveland ElementaryDistrictELLMedium
Crocker Highlands ElementaryDistrictELLMedium
Downtown Charter AcademyCharterELLMedium
Lincoln ElementaryDistrictELLVery High
Montclair ElementaryDistrictELLMedium
Yu Ming CharterCharterELLVery High

Knowledge is power

Please, take advantage of your options and the information at your disposal. There are enrollment portals for OUSD and Enroll Oakland and the window for Round 2 opens this month as well, so get your applications in. Your children are counting on you to do the best by them, and that starts with making informed choices.

You have the tools, now use them.

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