Agentic and Empowered 2023

OAKLAND, CA – Black and Brown Oakland public school students face some stark educational disparities – only one in 10 can do math on grade level and only 2 in 10 can read on grade level. What can families do to take immediate action to support their scholars, and what collective efforts can we all take to foster meaningful change in our education system?

On Thursday, June 1, 2023 at 6 pm, Energy Convertors, a non-profit organization led by Oakland students and educators will hold an event, Agentic and Empowered 2023, that brings together the West Oakland education community to bring awareness to crucial data that may not be readily available or discussed regarding Oakland’s education system, focusing on the challenges faced by our Black and Brown scholars.

Educational leaders and advocates will be featured during a panel discussion about educational justice and provide participants with the tools and knowledge to take action.

Panelists include: 

  • Jasmine Williams, Founder of Mobile Math MD
  • Kamar O’Guinn, Berkeley Unified African American Success Project
  • Dr. Micia Mosely, Executive Director of the Black Teacher Project
  • Kareem Weaver, Co-Founder of FULCRUM Oakland
  • Dr. Charles Cole, Founder and Executive Director of Energy Convertors
  • Jasmine Waiters, veteran educator

“There are major problems with our public schools when only one in ten Latino students, and one in ten African American students are reading on grade level in Oakland,” said MarQuis Evans, the Energy Convertors Program Manager and the host of Engentic and Empowered 2023. “We can’t just keep doing the same things and pretending like nothing is happening. This is a crisis, and we are bringing the West Oakland community together to take action.”

WHO: West Oakland families, students and educators 

WHAT:  Agentic and Empowered 2023: Awakening Parent, Scholar and Educator Agency for Educational Elevation

WHEN: Thursday June 1 from 6-8 pm 

WHERE: KIPP Bridge Academy (1700 Market St, Oakland, CA 94607)

About Energy Convertors 

Energy Convertors is an organization that focuses on building agentic students and agentic communities in order to ensure our students get the education they deserve. We exist to utilize the voices of the end-users of education – THE STUDENTS, PARENTS, AND THEIR COMMUNITY. Our starting place is with those that public education was meant to serve from day one rather than the “system”. We prioritize the quality students and parents desire over any system. Through our research, students and their families understand their power and agency in education. You can find the voices of of our convertors through our blog, our reports, our videos, our podcast, and other forms of media. For more information, visit Energy Convertor’s website, Facebook, or Twitter.

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