Energy Convertors 2023 Report: End-user Accountability

Energy Convertors 2022-2023 Report is available now to download. Great School Voices is breaking down the report section by section into bite-sized pieces for you to digest. You can read the entire report here. In this blog, we get into End-user Accountability.

Our goal with Energy Convertor fellows is to improve the education system by ensuring students, their parents, and their community have agency and tools to make change. This study focuses on accountability, and we want our end-users to be empowered by knowing they have power and responsibility.

We learned that nearly half of the students we surveyed had a relationship with their counselor, but consequently, almost half of those same students did not utilize that counselor’s skills. The vast majority of students surveyed reported their parents know how to access their grades online (86 percent), and 30 percent of students said their parents are “highly involved” in their education. A similar number of students reported they highly advocate for themselves in school (32 percent selecting 5 and 33 percent selecting 4). More than half (52 percent) of students surveyed reported meeting with their teachers in person or through a phone call, while three out of four (74 percent) reported their parents actively checked their grades throughout the school year.

The scholars expressed various sentiments, from satisfaction to disappointment, with the survey data. They appreciated the involvement of parents but also expressed a desire for increased parental engagement and improved school practices.

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