Reclaiming math through our liberator model

This is a guest post from The Oakland REACH.

Oakland REACH CEO Lakisha Young: “When we surveyed our parents in 2021, 81% of them wanted additional math support for their children. Parents know what they want and need, and we should only ask them once. We also know our children can and must excel in math if they are going to compete in this growing digital economy. In so many ways, the pathways of opportunity have widened, while our children are falling even further behind. So we can’t just point fingers; we have to build solutions……together. And this is exactly what we are doing with our new MathBOOST partnership with OUSD. Through this partnership, we are expanding our Liberator model to math, upskilling parents/caregivers from our communities to be paid math tutors.”

The fellowship orientation was on Sept 28. Here’s who are fellows are: 36% of the Liberators are Black, more than 50% are people of color, nearly 70% are women, and over half have children enrolled in OUSD.

After the fellowship, they will receive support applying for jobs with OUSD — goal is they will be serving over 300 OUSD students.

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