Middle Schools that Latinx Families Should Consider Based on the latest Data

Where you send your child to school is one of the most important decisions you can make.  The new school quality data was released by the state recently, and I wanted to highlight some of the schools making progress with Oakland children, and encourage families to visit.  Every child is different, and I will break it down into subgroups (schools showing progress with Black, Brown and low income students) in the next few weeks and you can also take a look at the schoolfinder tool to find local schools.

But before I get to the public schools showing the most progress, let me give a warning.  These numbers may be imperfect, the numbers don’t reflect if more high needs students came into a school, and no number can capture a school, or the variation within it.  So please take these lists as starting points and do your homework.  I have written before about the perils of using tests exclusively to judge schools.  I include data on both change (how much scores went up or down from year to year) and status (overall scores), which together provide a more balanced look at school quality.

Different schools often produce different results with different students so I will also produce blogs looking at schools showing results for Black, Latinx, API and other subgroups. So keep tuned.

Digging into the new data

Everything I am showing here is publicly available on the OUSD website, though you need to poke around some.  And now is the time to research and apply to schools in open enrollment.  We have never had more options, easier ways to enroll, or more information about schools, so we need make the best choices we can.  Families should also take a look at the Oakland school finder.

Schools that Showed High Gains AND Overall Scores

Claremont Middle scores well across both math and ELA in status and growth as did, Edna Brewer, Urban Promise Academy, Oakland School of the Arts, East Bay Innovation Academy, and Aspire Lionel Wilson. Oakland Charter Academy and BayTech showed up on both lists for ELA but not math. But please, take a look at the lists and dig beneath the scores.

Middle Schools with the Greatest Gains In ELA for Latinx students

You can view all the middle school results here.  But let’s dig in a little on some of the schools showing the greatest positive changes.

Middle Schools 6-8 Highest Gains for Latinx Students

Alliance Academy, Frick, Edna Brewer, Roosevelt and Urban Promise Academy all increased their ELA scores for Latinx students. 

6-12 Schools Highest Gains

Middle School Math Growth

6-8 Schools Highest Gains

Edna Brewer leads the way, while a number of other schools also increased their math scores: Alliance Academy, Elmhurst, UPA, Claremont and Roosevelt. 

6-12 Schools Highest Gains

The five color-coded performance levels in order are: blue (highest performance),green, yellow, orange, and red (lowest performance).

Schools Families should consider based on the overall proficiency scores alone (status)

Below are the schools with the highest overall scores.  With our current data system it is difficult to know whether students came to these schools already proficient or whether the schools really accelerated their learning.  So “status” to me is generally less important than “growth” in measuring school quality, but I did want to include this data as well.

Middle schools with relatively high English Language Arts Scores

6-8 Schools with the Highest Scores for Latinx students                           

Claremont, Downtown Charter, Edna Brewer, Oakland Charter Academy and Epic Charter have the highest ELA scores for middle school Latinx students. 

6-12 Schools with the Highest ELA Scores for Latinx students

Middle Schools with the Relatively Highest Math Scores

Middle Schools with the Highest Math Scores for Latinx students

6-12 Schools with the Highest Math Scores for Latinx students

Note that gray lines mean that less than 30 students were tested, and the other colors relate to how high the average scores were.  The five color-coded performance levels in order are: blue (highest performance),green, yellow, orange, and red (lowest performance).

You can see the list of elementary schools here

Knowledge is power

please, take advantage of your options and the information at your disposal.  There are enrollment portals for OUSD and Enroll Oakland and the window for round1 closes in early February, so get your applications in.  Your children are counting on you to do the best by them, and that starts with making informed choices.

Let me know if I can help, and I will be doing future posting on middles and high schools, as well as subgroups.

You have the tools, now use them.

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