FIA: A Chat on A-G Requirements

FIA Talks: A-G Chat with Mar’Quis Evans of Energy Converters

Greetings Families in Action Community,

Our second podcast episode is out now! FIA Talks is an opportunity for our youth, parents, teachers, and community to voice their opinions on current issues or important topics. Our second podcast was streamed on April 8, 2022, and it featured Mar’Quis Evans of Energy Convertors and current educator. Click here to watch! Tune in for our next podcast that will availble on Friday May 6, 2022.

FIA’s Talks Key Takeaways

In Oakland only 35% of black students completed the A-G requirements. As for Latinx students, only 47% completed the A-G requirements. As a whole, only 37% of Black and Brown students knew they were A-G eligible.-Roberto M, Latitude High School The A-G Campaign is meant to raise the bar for students. Allowing them to have the opportunity to apply to 4-year colleges if that’s what they wish to do.-Javier M, Latitude High School We need to make sure that during this time, the community informed about what the A-G requirements are.-Brenda C, Latitude High School

Javier Barraza
Lead Youth Organizer
Families in Action for Quality Education
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