SOBE RANTS: Are Allies in Education Getting in the Way of Black Excellence?

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On top of there being a shortage of teachers overall, there’s critically a lack of cultured educators who possess the ability to effectively educate our scholars. Due to this, many of our schools that provide service for our scholars blessed with melanin superpowers are populated with educators/administrators who claim to be “allies” to provide quality education for our scholars, but are slick getting in the way of their elevation. Willingness to educate Black scholars, however, is not the only ingredient required to get the job done. For quite some time now, Black educators have been voicing that our “allies” are unintentionally getting in the way, and make decisions that ultimately result in the miseducation of our Black scholars. This leaves us Black educators furious, feeling unheard, and thinking out loud, “What in the pumpkin pie is going on here?”  #TakesShotOfDrink

Guest Voice on OUSD: What Will the OUSD Board of Education Cover During Their Back to School Retreat on August 5th?

By Jumoke Hinton, Co-Founder of SoBEO and West Oakland Grown Initiatives As the Oakland Unified School District Board of Education prepares for the new school year, will they take time to reflect on their effectiveness? Will they reflect on the tension present whenever they are working together? The public sees a very disjointed and antagonistic school board…

Recap with Ms. Oral Lee Brown

On Juneteenth, Great School Voices’ Coron Brinson had a fantastic interview with the wonderful Ms. Oral Lee Brown. If case you missed it, you still have the chance to check out the thoughtful and passionate conversation between them. The work, impact, and results the Oral Lee Foundation is having on the young people of Oakland…

Join us LIVE this Juneteenth Holiday with Mrs. Oral Lee Brown!

Join us on this Juneteenth holiday to hear from the Legend, champion and phenomenal woman, Mrs. Oral Lee Brown! We will chop it up on many topics including her connection to Dirk, the ultimate promise, her legacy today, and her future plans for the youth of East Oakland. Come celebrate with us LIVE on Monday, June 20th at 2 p.m. PST/5 p.m. EST, on YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter as we keep the conversation going!