How Aspire Lionel Wilson Prep is Raising the Bar

Great School Voices sat down with school leaders from award-winning schools to discuss what Raising the Bar means to their school community, why their school got involved in FIA, how they communicate with families, and more. This interview is with Tommy Gonzalez, Aspire Lionel Wilson Prep school principal.

Open Charter Seats, Week of March 26, 2024

The schools on this list are for enrolling in the current school year — 2023-24. The Oakland Public Charter Schools Application for next school year — 2024-25 is also now open and accepting students for next school year. You can apply now at

What Does It Mean When Schools Raise the Bar? The Categories

For four years, FIA has celebrated high schools where 80 percent or more of our Black and Brown students successfully completed A-G, making them eligible to apply to four-year colleges. This Thursday, they are also uplifting schools meeting California Dashboard Standards, those making BIG strides in ELA and Math, and unveiling “Raise the Bar” schools…

The State of the [Black Education] Union

Ladies, gentlemen, and fellow citizens, the state of the Black Education Union is not strong. The nameless and faceless “system” is still failing Black students. To be clear, they are failing nearly every major subgroup, but especially Black students, and add on poverty, or a disability, or any other subgroup, and the numbers get worse in regards to literacy and numeracy.

It’s Almost Raising the Bar Week: Join Us on Thursday, March 28th!

One of Dirk’s lasting legacies when he created Great School Voices has been that reliable, true data on schools, especially student-based proficiency data, can tell the tale of whether real progress is happening in schools and the communities in which they reside. When communities and educators use that data to inform their practice, develop policy proposals, and work…