The Oakland Ed Week in Review Special Edition: 7 Days of OEA Strike

Today – Friday, May 12 – the Oakland Education Association (OEA) teacher strike reached its seventh day. To help our readers better understand what’s been going on with negotiations, and also get some insight into how students and families are feeling about all of this as well, we’re giving you a day-by-day breakdown in a…

The last time OEA went on strike

When teachers represented by the Oakland Education Association (OEA) went on strike in 2019, Great School Voices published a series of articles covering different perspectives — most importantly from students — on the strike and what it impacted. As OEA begins another strike today, we wanted to share with you those articles to help us remember and learn from the past.

The Oakland Ed Week in Review 4/22/23-4/28/23

This week, OEA teachers vote to authorize a strike, which the district is calling illegal and trying to prevent; a state assembly bill would up teacher pay 50 percent if it becomes law; and make sure you don’t miss the article on the student who was accepted to 170 colleges (!) and earned more than $9 million in scholarship money (!!); plus more news from around The Town, the state and the nation.